“Rescue 1:lift off” is off the ground!

After a short delay due to some technicalities with the App Store, Pixelthis announces the arrival of our new game for iOS and Android.

Rescue 1: lift off

Rescue 1: lift off  is launched in partnership with the Rescue 1 television reality drama, and with the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) who run Auckland’s Westpac rescue choppers.

A large portion of the proceeds of the game go directly to Auckland’s Westpac rescue choppers.  It is not often that you receive so much in return for a donation to a worthy cause.

Rescue 1: lift off is an extremely addictive helicopter game along similar lines to ‘Learn to Fly’ on Kongregate – one of the most popular Kong games of all time.  The game allows you to earn coins for launching your chopper over vast distances, collecting pick-ups and rescuing stranded and injured people along the length of New Zealand (and beyond, if you are any good!).  Upgrade your chopper with the actual models used by ARHT since 1975, then strap on rockets and other awesome upgrades to go for maximum distance.

  • Get something back for donating to a great cause!
  • Easy to pick up and play, but lots of depth
  • Absolutely stunning graphics
  • Perform daring rescues along the length of New Zealand
  • Rockets and other awesome upgrades
  • Hours and hours of fun

As you have come to expect from Pixelthis, Lift off features stunningly drawn scenery and in-game graphics, and looks spectacular both on tablets and high-res screens as well as smaller form-factors.  The game starts just north of Auckland and flies south over New Zealand featuring many of the major landmarks along the way, all rendered beautifully in a distinctive art style.  During play testing, many of our testers stayed low just to get a look at the landscape!

We are already planning some major updates for the coming weeks.  Grab your copy today, give it a go, and let us know what you think of it!

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Somewhere over NZ...


Launch from Auckland

Stunningly drawn locations

Awesome upgrades available

Rescue 1: lift off